Operational Assets

Security plan is totally in effective without communication, for this purpose S.S.

Security Equipment / Devices

S.S. Security is using the security equipment & devices like metal detector mirror/bomb detectors alarm system
etc. duly’ approved by concerned agencies.
The system is available with the following equipment:-

  • Security Alarm System.
  • Magna Scanner (walk through gates).
  • CCTV, monitoring system.
  • Metal detectors / scanners.
  • Vehicle inspection mirrors.

Communication Infrastructure of the company

Security plan is totally in effective without communication, for this purpose S.S. Security has made considerable, efforts in obtaining ‘NOC’ for operating wireless communication system.

Following communication equipment is being used at various offices of
S.S. Security in Sindh.
» — Sophisticated (wireless ‘communication network comprising of fixed
(base), Mobile and portable Walkie Talkie units.
> Cellular phone, fax machines, computers and mobile telephone sets.

Transportation Vehicles

S.S. Security has spent a considerable amount to mobilize its operational activities at a minimum reaction time to meet any eventually emergency. For this purpose following vehicles are being used.

  • Jeeps
  • Pick ups
  • Motorcycles.
  • Mobile escort vehicles
Arms / Ammunition

S.S. Security is the pioneers in providing armed services in Pakistan and has licenses of both prohibited/non-prohibited bores. For this particular reason we are using latest weapons for our valuable clients, as per their desires/wishes.


It is extremely essential to identify all possible threats sand take appropriate measures to counter’ these threat to any installations/institutions, manufacturing units & MI Multinational companies:

Our security force is fully trained to react according to the situation.

Some of the threats perceived are:

  • Monitoring activity from control room, through CCTV System.
  • Thorough search of suspected personnel.
  • Search of all baggage/mail through Magna Scanner.
  • Use of Metal detectors
  • Activation of Alarm
  • Physical patrolling of sensitive areas.
Night Dacoity(/Burglary

Can be effectively covet d by installing security alarm system, coupled with above mentioned measures.

Bomb Threat

In the case of bomb threat supervisor and guards are trained especially with emphasize on following: –

  • Clearing of human traffic earmarked, through pre-designated emergency exits.
  • Detailed and thorough search.
  • Alerting Bomb Disposal Squad at concerned police Headquarters/Army Engineers.

Fire Hazards
Guards and supervisors of S.S. Security are trained to cater fire hazards by giving special emphasize on following: –

  • Use of fire alarms along with security alarm system.
  • Close coordination with Fire Supervisor.
  • Use of fire extinguisher equipment.
  • Coordination with respective fire department.
  • Practice fire-fighting drills.

Our Checking team comprising checking supervisors, checking officer, duty supervisors check the performance of guards. At different locations on daily / regular basis. These reports are submitted to the Manager Operations every day. Surprise checks.by the Manager Operation are also made to check the uniform, weapons and status of guards.


Head Office: Office No..CC-3,.First Floor, Road Facing Phase-1,

Defence View,.Karachi-75500.
Phone: 0300-1220333 , 0345-2514025
E-mail: ssguard services980@gmail.com